When in Kuala Lumpur

KLWhen you visit a place for a holiday, there are certain spots/attractions in that particular place that you have to see. Leaving without seeing these places is virtually a sin, for example if a person goes to Paris and does not see the Eiffel Tower, you’d reprimand that person. Similarly if someone goes to Rome and does not see the Colosseum, his trip would be deemed rather incomplete. On a similar note, when you’re visiting the capital of Malaysia, there are some things which you absolutely must see.

The Petronas Towers

An iconic landmark of Malaysia, The Petronas Twin Towers certainly merit a visit for any first time traveler to the capital. The two towers were built in 1998 and are sleek structures standing 88 stories high. They are connected via a double decker Sky Bridge that offers a breathtaking view of KL city center and beyond. The Suria KLCC Shopping Mall which is located at the foot of the Towers is a mega shopping center hosting all types of brands, a cinema, 2 food courts, an art gallery, several restaurants, a concert hall as well as the massive Aquaria KLCC. Nearby

An Adventure in the Oasis

oasisWho hasn’t heard of Dubai? When people hear the word ‘Dubai’, they immediately think of the ultramodern towers, huge malls, and the exotic and fast paced lifestyle of the city which has become a playground for the rich. Another thing which come to mind is the heat; obviously since the great city is located amidst a desert, you can expect temperatures to soar. However during the cooler months between October and April, there are many outdoor activities you can partake in. Here we look at the adventurous side of Dubai.


Dubai has many architectural marvels; the world’s tallest building, Burj Al Arab, islands shaped after the world map and a palm tree. And the best way to see them is jumping out of a Cessna and hurtling towards them at high speeds. The exhilaration that only Sky Diving can give you. Jumpers take off from the Dubai Marina and strapped to an instructor jump out of the plane above the Palm Jumeriah. The adrenaline rush and excitement of seeing this side of Dubai is second to none. And when the chute opens its time to relax and view the sprawling views

Some of the Most Interesting Things to Do in Dubai

burj kalifaBurj Khalifa is not only the tallest building in the world; it is also Dubai’s deepest, widest and gaudiest. Check out the exhibit included in the building’s history and then take the world’s fastest lift. It only takes a few seconds to get to the top, so hold on to your hat. Though it is not designed for the faint-hearted, they will find it worthwhile since the views are breathtaking. If you are an avid photographer, you can bring along your tripod to capture the views over the city and across the beach. Google the site and book your tickets in advance. The best time to go is at sunset so you can be able to see Dubai by day and nighttime.

Take a trip on Dubai Creek

After seeing the tallest building in the world, you will want something more simple, like an abra ride along Dubai Creek, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful areas of Dubai. Nothing can beat the simple joy of riding an abra across Dubai Creek at sunset for only one dirham, as singing is heard among mosque minarets as a call for prayer. When

Go On A Glorious Goa Train Tour

Goa affirms to be the smallest state of the Indian peninsula which is widely known as the ‘Rome of the east’. Goa, elegantly lying along the Arabian Sea and in the middle of Karnataka and Maharashtra bestows the best of natural picturesque splendor and its rich cultural heritage. It is believed to be an ideal destination to experience the spectacularly colorful landscape of turquoise sea flirting with the golden sands of the beach coast which is further fringed with swaying green palm trees. Such landscape is a perfect sight to behold. This panoramic view not just provides a splendid atmosphere of tranquility but it also provides inner peace to the travelers who visit the place to escape from the monotonous life.

The natural opulence all around brings inner joy and happiness to the heart as well as soul. The compelling beauty of Goa is beyond verbal description, one should witness it in person to feel the tempting charm of this place. It constitutes one of the most developed tourism infrastructures in the country. The state is widely acknowledged as the “Pearl of the Orient”. This mesmerizing paradise is globally famed for its unspoiled beaches, exotic wildlife, polished white-washed houses, easy-going

Orlando Florida Holiday Guide Review

Orlando Florida is considered one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. The city along with its year-round sunny weather is filled with lots of attractions and amazing things to do including Sea World, Disney World and Universal Studios etc. Part of the huge popularity is the world-wide appeal for all ages ranging from great restaurants to luxury hotel accommodations, massive shopping malls to spa and fitness centers, lovely attractions to white-knuckle skydive encounter and so much more. Millions of tourists come here each year to enjoy massive fun and excitement. In fact in excess of 97 million visited Orlando Florida this past year and Orlando International Airport serves some 35 million passengers per year.

The city of Orlando prides itself for being the home to more than 100 lakes to a wide variety of restaurants offering a fine dining experience; about 150 magnificent golf courses, where both amateur and professional golfers can improve on their golfing skills; massive shopping centers including The Mall at Millenia and The Florida Mall offering a wide range of items including clothes, jewelry, shoes and lots more; a wide variety of hotel accommodation where guests are properly cared for; and home to

Koh Rong Island Cambodia

Cambodia may be widely known as the home of the magnificent ancient Angkor Wat Complex; but a number of travelers do not know that this Southeast Asian country also has an absolutely gorgeous archipelago with miles and miles of white sand beach, which has remained undeveloped and untapped.

Koh Rong is the name given to the main island and the whole archipelago around it. It is also referred to as the Monkey Island, known among locals for its folkloric tales and air of mystery. Although it has gone under the radar, travelers are starting to realize that the 78-square-kilometer Koh Rong has all the potential to be the next big island destination in the Southeast Asian region.

If your ideal vacation is leisurely relaxing on a beautiful sandy stretch most of the day, Koh Rong is the perfect place for you. The island has seven major bays and plenty of beaches. But the interior region of the island has barely proper roads. That is why, when you are going from beach to another, you usually need to trek or take a boat.

Long Set beach, just north of Koh Touch is considered to be one of the best beaches on Koh Rong

Gardner Bay Espanola Island – Galapagos

When visiting the exotic and world-renowned Galapagos archipelago, Espanola Island is one destination that should be on your itinerary. Also called Hood Island, Espanola is situated in the southernmost region of the archipelago and is considered one of the oldest islands in the archipelago. It is the perfect representation of what a Galapagos Island should be – home to amazing lush scenery and a rich selection of wildlife and marine life.

The most common way to reach the island is to go for a yacht cruise. The boat that takes you to Espanola is usually anchored a few hundred feet away. One of the prominent sites on the island is the Punta Suarez. This is rocky point is a dream come true to bird watching enthusiasts as it hosts one of the most impressive colonies of various sea bird species in all of Galapagos. The Island’s dramatic cliffs soaring high up to the sky provide the perfect backdrop for exquisite birds, like waved albatrosses, to roam freely.

Aside from the wonderful animals you will encounter in Espanola, another highlight of your visit is definitely Gardner Bay (Bahia Gardner). Often, heading out to this particular beach exposes you to various native animals

Golden Temple of Dambulla

Sri Lanka is a significant Buddhist centre. This pear-shaped island affirms to be an abode to some holiest Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Being an important Buddhist centre, Sri Lanka’s dominant Buddhist attraction lies in the ‘the Temple of the Tooth Relic’. The island stands as the starting point for the splendid voyage of salvation. It inhabits some glorious Buddhist sites with various temples around the coast. However, the temples reflect the Buddhist influence. These sites not just add significance to the country’s tourism but also add beauty to the natural brilliance of the place. It is a place where one can experience utmost tranquility amidst the natural environs of the primary Buddhist sites. With such significance, it affirms to be a place ideal for attaining inner bliss and peaceful mind. The island comes under the list of those enchanting destinations of the world which accommodates spiritual aura. It secludes the person from the modern chaos while providing some adventure amidst the natural splendor.

Golden Temple of Dambulla is the most prominent destination of the island that significantly contributes in its tourism. There are various temples in the island which are unique in their own individual way but the golden temple is