When in Kuala Lumpur

KLWhen you visit a place for a holiday, there are certain spots/attractions in that particular place that you have to see. Leaving without seeing these places is virtually a sin, for example if a person goes to Paris and does not see the Eiffel Tower, you’d reprimand that person. Similarly if someone goes to Rome and does not see the Colosseum, his trip would be deemed rather incomplete. On a similar note, when you’re visiting the capital of Malaysia, there are some things which you absolutely must see.

The Petronas Towers

An iconic landmark of Malaysia, The Petronas Twin Towers certainly merit a visit for any first time traveler to the capital. The two towers were built in 1998 and are sleek structures standing 88 stories high. They are connected via a double decker Sky Bridge that offers a breathtaking view of KL city center and beyond. The Suria KLCC Shopping Mall which is located at the foot of the Towers is a mega shopping center hosting all types of brands, a cinema, 2 food courts, an art gallery, several restaurants, a concert hall as well as the massive Aquaria KLCC. Nearby

An Adventure in the Oasis

oasisWho hasn’t heard of Dubai? When people hear the word ‘Dubai’, they immediately think of the ultramodern towers, huge malls, and the exotic and fast paced lifestyle of the city which has become a playground for the rich. Another thing which come to mind is the heat; obviously since the great city is located amidst a desert, you can expect temperatures to soar. However during the cooler months between October and April, there are many outdoor activities you can partake in. Here we look at the adventurous side of Dubai.


Dubai has many architectural marvels; the world’s tallest building, Burj Al Arab, islands shaped after the world map and a palm tree. And the best way to see them is jumping out of a Cessna and hurtling towards them at high speeds. The exhilaration that only Sky Diving can give you. Jumpers take off from the Dubai Marina and strapped to an instructor jump out of the plane above the Palm Jumeriah. The adrenaline rush and excitement of seeing this side of Dubai is second to none. And when the chute opens its time to relax and view the sprawling views

Some of the Most Interesting Things to Do in Dubai

burj kalifaBurj Khalifa is not only the tallest building in the world; it is also Dubai’s deepest, widest and gaudiest. Check out the exhibit included in the building’s history and then take the world’s fastest lift. It only takes a few seconds to get to the top, so hold on to your hat. Though it is not designed for the faint-hearted, they will find it worthwhile since the views are breathtaking. If you are an avid photographer, you can bring along your tripod to capture the views over the city and across the beach. Google the site and book your tickets in advance. The best time to go is at sunset so you can be able to see Dubai by day and nighttime.

Take a trip on Dubai Creek

After seeing the tallest building in the world, you will want something more simple, like an abra ride along Dubai Creek, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful areas of Dubai. Nothing can beat the simple joy of riding an abra across Dubai Creek at sunset for only one dirham, as singing is heard among mosque minarets as a call for prayer. When

Remington Fast Folding Knife – Best Tool For Your Next Sports Adventure Trip

Whether you are planning your next hunting trip, camping, or any other kind of adventure sports trip, there are couple of tools that you might need to take along with you for your safe and hassle-free voyage. And a fast folding knife is one of the most important tools that you should be concerned of in the very first place.

For someone who knows nothing about these kinds of knives, buying one can be a really confusing and complicated task. With all the new and various different types of knives available in the market these days, it is important that you know what your needs and requirements are, what you are going to use it for and how to select a knife that would perfectly suit your requirements. Buying any kind of knife that you come across can turn out to be just a simple waste of money and of course, your precious time. Based on their types, knives can be categorized mainly into fixed blade and folding blade. And, fast folding knives could be a great option for you, if you are on an adventurous trip. Folding knives can easily fit into your pocket, backpack or can be stored in

Explore the Jewels of Zanzibar – 5 Beaches You Cannot Miss

Are you a beach lover looking to explore an island? Not sure which one to choose? Tanzanian archipelago, Zanzibar’s beautiful and breathtaking islands are the ones to visit. With awe-inspiring views and incredible sceneries, this place is a must-visit! Read on to find out about the five beautiful beaches you should see when visiting this incredible place:

1. Ras Nungwi

Ras Nungwi is different, but special in a unique way. This place is perfect if you are looking to swim without having to walk far into the sea, chasing the ocean. This location, unlike the East and West coastline, is blessed by not having to deal with low and high tides. Known for its likely party atmosphere, Nungwi is incomparable to other beach destinations in the world. Even though it is surrounded by clubs and bars, the entire atmosphere remains low key and chilled out – the Zanzibari style!

2. Paje

Interested in learning Scuba Diving! Windsurfing? Kite surfing? Paje is your place! This southeastern Zanzibar beach is an amazing place to visit if you like to interact with travelers and swim in the ocean. With a good selection of small restaurants, beach bars and bungalows, this place is a must-go!

3. Kendwa

Located adjacent to

Dog Air Travel Tips – Take your Dog Anywhere

Luckily for dog owners, these animals travel by air better than cats. If the dog is accustomed to car travel, then air travel shouldn’t be a problem at all. Use the following dog air travel tips for safe and pleasant airpline travel with your best furry friend.

Certify Your Dogs Health before Air Travel

Not only is dog air travel better for your dog if the dog is healthy, but it’s actually the law. Federal law requires that a dog has been certified within 10 days of the trip to be healthy, vaccinated, and free from contagious diseases. This is a very important for any pet travel, large or small.

Avoid Excessive Temperatures

Ensure the safety of your dog during air travel by never flying with your dog while temperatures are over 85 degrees or under 35 degrees, on either end of the flight. Many airliners put “heat embargos” and/or “cold embargos” on dog air travel during the summer and winter months respectively. This means that the airliners prohibit dog air travel during these times. This shouldn’t be seen as a problem, because the airlines do it to prevent disease or death, and guarantee a safe flight for your dog.

Overseas Dog Air Travel May

Some significant sightseeing spots to visit when in Goa

There is no doubt that Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. What makes it popular are the hottest beaches, old Portuguese colonies, churches, cheap booze, first-rate hotels in Goa, weekend getaways, and many more. Head to the state on next vacation and make it a memorable one.

Who does not like to spend a carefree holiday relishing food, people, local culture, tourist attractions, and more? One thing that is certain with holidays is that they are fun and they offer a must-needed break from the mundane daily life. So, this holiday season, why not head to south western part of India, why not visit Goa. Located on the western shoreline of Indian mainland and surrounded by Gujarat, Maharashtra, and the vast Arabian Sea, Goa is popular as the smallest state in India. It easily one of the most frequented places in the country with almost an equal ratio between domestic and international tourists. Known for its wild beach parties, cheap booze, carefree and laid back lifestyle, hottest beaches, large strings of exquisite, pubs, restaurants, and hotels in Goa, old Portuguese colonies and churches, extravagant carnivals and festivals, and many other unique attractions, the state beckons one

What to Expect in a Lovely and Fun-Filled Holiday to Sharm el-Sheikh

Have you been tired of the same old air conditioned offices and the boredom of your city life? Is your mind willing to wander out? Well, if you wish to escape into a soothing vacation and getaway, then what else can be better that the Sharm el-Sheikh holidays? Well, there are a number of reasons for you to spend time here. Check out the below mentioned to do things in Sharm el-Sheikh and get inspired:


Holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh beaches offer a lot of excitement and cherishing memories that you can take back home with you. The golden sunbathed beaches washed with the blue crashing waves, are the perfect destinations to ebb away all your stress and woes and spend blissful moments in serenity. If you wish to feel rejuvenated over the holidays, then contact the leading tour operators in Sharm and spend a comfortable vacation here.

Water sports

If you are a water sports enthusiast, Sharm would be a paradise for you. Besides having a great stay, you can also engage in soul stirring and thrilling water sports including wind surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, para-sailing, kite surfing, boating, canoeing, etc. The popular sports would let you invigorate your soul and mind